A Financial Analyst In Your Pocket

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Zeto is an app that acts like an financial analyst in your pocket. Zeto automatically maximizes profits by capturing and analyzing all the contractor’s data. The app learns from every miss estimated cost factor and improves that for the next contract. For example if the contractor loses 10 thousand due to an under estimating labor costs, Zeto adjusts the labor estimate accordingly in the contract.

Employee Login In

Have all your employees login-in to one App to track their hours, progress on the job. 

Manager Login:

Having your company in the pam of your hand has been made available by Zeto. Instally know the status of how your company is doing minute to minute. Find out where your employees are and their progress on the job. And to find out if you've made any monry that day, week, month and year.   


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  • Review

    Other apps I've tried take too long to learn, they aren't pratical and I have to constantly consult my accountant to get the most out of them. Zeto is simple, I can do it myself and it makes me feel like I'm in control and not dependant on the bookkeeper or accountant.

    Mark CramerApril, 2018