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Zeto brings automated financial analysis to an easy to use app in your pocket. Zeto captures data and learns from each construction job you complete. It instantly provides highly customized business insights specific to your business to maximize profits.

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Zeto is built by tradespeople for tradespeople - easy to use, practical, and affordable.

Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic employee timesheets. Clock-in and out based on your employees' locations.

Smart Estimates

Zeto computes the best job prices based off historical data and market trends to increase profitability.

Easy Invoices

Create invoices and email them to your clients in seconds with the Android and iOS apps.

Organize Paperwork

Stay on top of your customer relationships by organising their information. Track commonly used materials and labour rates.

Ledger Management

See all your expenses, profits, and taxes in one place.

Access From Anywhere

Use Zeto from your Android or Apple phone, or the website.

Take Control of Your Business

Things are constantly evolving on the job. You may have to purchase more materials, work longer hours, or just have bad weather. Traditional financial analysis is expensive. Zeto lets you know how your business is doing every second of the day, so you can react before things go wrong.

  • Other apps I've tried take too long to learn, they aren't pratical and I have to constantly consult my accountant to get the most out of them. Zeto is simple, I can do it myself and it makes me feel like I'm in control and not dependant on the bookkeeper or accountant.

    Mark Cramer

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