About Us

Zeto will automatically collect data from the user, market and government regulations to help the user to easily create extremely actuate quotes in minutes, insuring maximum revenue on every job.

Zeto will also allow businesses to conduct all business inquires on a single and simple, user friendly application with an integrated platform (on IPhone, Android and desktop), as it provides all information in real time by capturing financial, technical and resource information needed to seamlessly integrate trade business accounting, including: invoicing, inventory management, payroll (coming soon), contracts and data analysis in real time as the user creates a quote on the mobile or desktop.

The applications functionality includes contractor activities such as project management, labour time stamping and tracking, contractors calendar management, employee tracking, receipt tracking, real time quote updating, labour scheduling, real time job costing/budgeting, instant job information for employees, real time contractors to contractor advertising, unique login to allow for customer comments, real time ranking of sub-contractors and contractors, customer payments portal and contractor optimization data reporting to manage, measure and improve profitability in real time, printing capabilities, signature capture, time stamping and a robust data protection and security protocol. The user will be able to view in real time the exact user/companies’ profits for each job including accounting data such as payroll, estimates, invoices, taxes and much more.